Mark Miller

SpecialityCo-Founder, All Day DevOps, Senior Storyteller, Sonatype
Mark MillerMalcom Gladwell would call Mark “A Connector”. Wherever he goes, one of the things he is most happy with is the ability to introduce people to each other, making connections where they didn’t previously exist. He has done this on every continent in the world, including Antarctica, as part of an ongoing desire to see connections where other people see differences. Mark’s main expertise is in developing and supporting live online communities built around specific market verticals. These online communities bleed over into the real world, where relationships are strengthened and expanded. He is currently the Senior Storyteller at Sonatype, where he manages the community initiatives for All Day DevOps, DevSecOps Days, the DevSecOps Days Podcast Series and is Editor-in-Chief of DevSecOps Days Press.

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MediaOps, the company behind leading technical communities such as, Container Journal, Security Boulevard, DevOps TV and Digital Anarchist, is proud to present DevOps Connect: 2020 DevSecOps Days — industry’s first truly immersive virtual conference focused on practitioners and leaders involved with leading/guiding DevSecOps transformations.

MediaOps virtual events take place in the unique virtual reality conference environment. Not your typical series of strung together Google Hangouts, every one of our virtual summits is a true live conference, replete with an actual theater to view the keynotes and presentations, a conference lobby to chat and socialize, a real virtual expo floor with exhibitor stands and booths, equipped with videos, downloadable assets, and even prizes for you to win.

Best part of the virtual summit — you can attend it from the comfort of your work desk, laptop or even your smartphone. No hotels, no airplanes, no travel, hence no traffic or parking garages. Simply log in and listen, learn, network and enjoy! Oh, and did we mention — it is all absolutely free